TS Photography ... Little Weddings 


Getting married can be really stressful, there’s so much to do and you don’t like asking too often for help. But, what with having to check all the details with everyone, you’re about ready to scream!

You really want a SIMPLE, EASY, FUN & FUSS FREE wedding. You want to feel relaxed so that you are able to enjoy the day!

Hi I’m Tanya, I’m the perfect wedding photographer for you! 

So by now I’m guessing you’ve seen how expensive everything is, and you want the best of everything but within budget. You’ve probably seen the $$$ signs stack up and wondering where you can pull back?

That’s why I’ve designed my wedding photography around you! And what you need instead of what I want to do!!


Something simple, gorgeous and just “you”! Your day is captured as it unfolds, in an honest, connected & quality way. I can capture traditional family photos for the more formal part of the day or we can skip them altogether if you wish, it is your day!!

I’ll take care of all the photography, so you can relax and enjoy your day.

You can book me just for an hour or two, or up to 5 hours. ,

I’ll make it easy for you & your hubby to look great & feel AMAZING.


I’m Tanya and have been a professional photographer for 17 years now so you can trust me to take good care of you, and know exactly what you want. Someone who takes the pressure off !

You’ll LOVE your photographs and know that you have memories that will last forever.

You need me!

You will barely know I am there!! You can be confident that I will have my part of the day organised so it is one less thing you have to think about!

All you have to do is call me to capture your LOVE STORY …