My motto and business mission is to "PAY IT FORWARD" while striving to ensure that everyone has precious memories of their beloved pets and the loving bond they share. TS Photography donate a portion of their profits back to animal charities, and also assist other organisations to raise much needed funds. 

So why do I do photography?

Our lives are made up of many moments and memories that show that we have lived and loved and just simply have been. These moments are over in an instant, but the feelings and emotions they evoke stay within our hearts. A photograph helps to keep these past experiences alive and bring them back to the present. 

Time has a way of dulling the memory, of fading the clarity, but a photograph will bring it all back sharply into focus. Whether it be your wedding day, your beloved pet or your family, I aim to give you back those special times and feelings through gorgeous photographs that are not only seen but truly FELT deep in your heart.

My name is Tanya and I am your photographer.